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Surf Madness-Sterling Spencer

A glimpse into the twisted, sarcastic and down-right hilarious mind of surfer Sterling Spencer, as he, and a group of talented friends set off across the globe in search of the ultimate ride.  This video is freaking Great, check it out…. SURF MADNESS! from on Vimeo. Check out some of the All star lineup, Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson, Jordy Smith, Taj Burrow Craig Anderson rides for Electric.  Wanna surf like him?  It all starts with the Glasses, so get some.       

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Ben Howard international singer/songwriter passed through San Diego for a little sun and surf during a recent gig at the Belly Up Tavern. Ben, a passionate surfer himself, managed to sneak a few sessions and jam with Dragon Team Rider, Rob Machado, in-between shows. “You hear about musicians rolling through town, and you gotta’ throw out the invite,” says Machado. Check out Rob Machado Rocking the Dragon Jam-Jet/Red Ionized.  Ben Howard is Running the Dragon Viceroy-Retro Tortoise. Sign up for the Flippinshades Newsletter and hook yourself up!

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